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        Overview of cleaner's main products

        In April 2020, Japan Chemical Pharmaceutical Group acquired the liquid crystal and semiconductor cleaning products business of Henkel, Germany. The corresponding business in Chinese Mainland is operated by chemical pharmaceutical chemical (Wuxi).
        Cleaning products are oriented to the market of high-precision and high-functional display screens, semiconductors and electronic devices. With the unique development power of Japanese chemical medicine as a weapon, they have now a product lineup with superior performance, which contributes to the overall development of the electronic industry.
        At present, the products have been widely used by manufacturers in the display field and semiconductor field.


        Liquid crystal


        It is mainly used for developing color films in liquid crystal displays. It also has products such as substrate glass substrate cleaning agent and photoresist peeling solution for various metal wiring.
         NK disperseSeries developer

        Developer product series for LCD color filters. By using the unique concentration technology and surfactant optimization ratio technology, fine BM development can also achieve good development.
        (1) HAC: negative glue type developer mixed with active agent, used for photoresist of LCD color filter RGB. The development of a thin line width can be realized by the effect of the surfactant. The development effect deviation can be improved.
        (2) DX: negative gel type developer mixed with active agent, used for RGB. It has excellent developing performance and can reduce the amount of agent used because it is highly concentrated. The product belongs to organic alkali, so it has weak corrosion to metal, and can correspond to COA (color filter on array) type process

         NK poleve Series rework stripping solution

        Stripping solution for process rework. It has a very low etching rate for glass, can correspond to various anti reagents such as RGB, BM, UV cure / heat cure OC, PS, and has strong peeling performance.

         NK E-Cleaner CS series cleaning fluid

        It is an organic cleaning fluid, suitable for removing various stains such as light oil, grease, abrasive, film scale, waste paper dust, etc.


        We have a variety of developing solutions and stripping solutions for high-precision lithography processes. In addition, it also includes thick film negative photoresist used in the WLP process, peeling liquid for dry film photoresist, residue removal liquid after dry etching, etc. It can also provide products complying with various laws and regulations and environmentally friendly pharmaceutical solutions without NMP.

         NK dispense ut series developer

        Color filters for image sensors, and TMAH type product series for corrosion protection of aluminum wiring.
        A negative gel / positive gel type developing solution mixed with an organic base and an active agent. Used in the manufacturing process of semiconductor and discrete devices. The activator that can optimize the dispersion of photoresist will not leave photoresist residue on the pattern, and the fine bubbles caused by photoresist can be removed, which can directly enter the next process.

         NK poleve series photoresist stripping solution

        (1)Stripping solution for conventional photoresist

                 NK poleve 517

                 NK poleve PRS100

        For removing conventional liquid photoresist.

        (2)High performance photoresist stripping solution

                 NK  poleve 496

                 NK  poleve 480

        The modified and modified photoresist corresponding to drie and other processes can be removed, and the thick film liquid photoresist can also be removed.

        (3)Stripping solution for dry film

                 NK poleve 117

                 NK poleve SH

        A series of stripping liquid products specially used for removing dry film.

        Examples of semiconductor application process
        Among the advanced packaging processes, the generation of micro bump, Cu pillar, RDL and TSV are all areas where the peeling liquid of Japanese chemical medicine can exert its excellent performance


        Substrate and package
        We have a variety of cleaning agents for cleaning electronic parts, such as flux. It does not contain any halogen solvents such as fluorine and chlorine, and is an environmentally friendly cleaning agent. In addition, cleaning agents suitable for various purposes such as flux cleaning and degreasing cleaning can also be provided.

        Substrate and package cleaning liquid.

         NK E-cleaner A Series cleaning liquid

        Quasi aqueous cleaning solvent. Through the use of stock solution, the quasi water type product series with high detergency is realized. By mixing the water-soluble solvent and the special surfactant, the residual flux in the fine parts is removed.

         NK E-cleaner SO Series cleaning liquid

        A hydrocarbon cleaning liquid mixed with a variety of solvents, which has extremely strong removal performance for common oil and flux. It has strong penetration and dissolution power, and can remove dirt (oil and flux) attached to fine parts.

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